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"The 3 F's"

These simple but powerful values provide the sure foundation for Travis' unwavering policy priorities: 

  1. Freedom enshrined in our Constitution, comes from God, and must be protected at every turn. Travis fully supports our military, our first responders, and all Law Enforcement in their efforts to keep our Constitutional way of life safe; 

  2. Family is the most important governing unit in our society, where “We The People” learn the values that keep our Life & Liberty safe, including the lives of unborn human babies – Travis is unwaveringly Pro Life; deeply committed to education and parents’ rights; and, he has proven that he fights non-stop to protect our children & families from modern dangers like pornography & child trafficking; 

  3. Frugal Finances or Fiscal Frugality, is Travis’ governing philosophy of always fighting for Lower Taxes, less government spending and smaller or shrunken government bureaucracy, while guaranteeing The Proper Role of Government and a Balanced Budget, even when such goals seem impossible or unpopular.

"I'm small I know, but wherever I go,
the grass grows greener still."

Family Motto
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