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Conversations on the Constitution

In-depth study of our U.S. Constitution and other founding documents with Representative ("Professor") Travis M. Seegmiller, Sr., J.D.
Conversations on the Constitution

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Please join Rep. Travis in his quest to Preserve & Protect our Constitutional Liberties, Rights, Duties & Freedom, by participating in a classroom-type conversation about our cherished U.S. Constitution and other founding documents, Founding Figures, and key historical facts.  For avid participants, a custom-tailored reading list or syllabus can be provided by Travis.  Intended for both beginning & advanced students of our Constitution and Constitutional Values who desire a more in-depth and ongoing study format for expanding their knowledge and commitment to Preserving our Constitutional way of life.  Offered for FREE by Travis, with Much Thanks to all donors to the "Friends of Travis Seegmiller" campaign.

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