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Representative Travis M. Seegmiller and his family LOVE serving, working, & playing here in Utah’s Dixie! Travis studied at Washington Elementary, Dixie Middle School & Pine View High School, where Travis served as Student body President and first caught the vision of Servant Leadership.  

The son of Tammy & Tom Seegmiller of Washington City & the Washington Fields, Travis and his wife, Lisa, are thrilled that their four young children are following in their ancestors’ footsteps, striving to carry-on their faith, farming lifestyle and Family Values for the 8th generation now.  


Travis is a “devout Constitutional Conservative” who has taught & fought for our original U.S. Constitution his entire adult life, as a Professor, policy attorney and business owner.  


Travis' total clarity about his core values comes thanks to Washington County citizens who have reached-out to Travis thousands of times to share their goals and values with him. Travis’ political philosophy is anchored upon these Core Values:


(1) Freedom comes from God and is enshrined in our Constitution.


(2) Family is the most important governing unit, where “We The People” learn the values that keep Life & Liberty safe.


(3) Frugal State Finances means fighting for Lower Taxes, less government spending and smaller government bureaucracy, while guaranteeing The Proper Role of Government.


By sticking to his core values, Travis has earned most of the top awards given to Utah’s leading Constitutional Conservative and Liberty-minded lawmakers, based on his Voting Record Results.

Brief Introduction


Rep. Travis M. Seegmiller, Sr., J.D., and his family are residents of the Washington Fields, where Travis’ family has been farming for many generations. Travis and his wife, Lisa, have 4 beautiful children.  The youngest child, a son born during the pandemic, just turned two.  


Travis and Lisa are both graduates of Yale University.  As college sweethearts, they fell in love despite their varied backgrounds and interests:  Lisa is a professional singer & actress -- a Tony Award Winner for her work on Broadway and a Grammy Award nominee.  Travis is an award-winning professor & attorney, who prefers above all to spend time with Lisa and their children working hard at their family farm and ranch.  Travis previously taught International Investment Law & Policy at Georgetown University's Law Center.  Most recently, he loved teaching our amazing U.S. Constitution, Executive Leadership, Business Law & Global Economics to local students at Dixie State University.  As an attorney, Travis built a successful global business and then retired as a Partner from the Washington D.C. law-firm rated “most influential” in the nation.  He maintains an active law license in both Washington D.C. and Utah.

Travis deeply believes in Servant Leadership, in both theory and practice.  He works hard every day to serve & whole-heartedly represent over 43,000 people who live in Washington City, the Washington Fields, and parts of St. George, Utah, in his elected public service role as the State Representative for Utah House District #73.  Taking a turn now to serve the local community to the best of his ability in a public way, Travis has always found great joy in striving to diligently serve and help others.  While working at the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C., and after business studies at Dartmouth University followed by his job on Wall Street at the famed McKinsey & Company consulting firm, Travis completed his doctoral work at Georgetown University, where he specialized in international investment law & policy, launching a successful business career advising the worlds’ top investment funds and Fortune 500 companies that carried him to many nations.

But once their children started arriving, Lisa and Travis quickly focused on returning home to the Washington Fields to give their best energies to what matters most.  Lisa scaled-back her professional singing and acting career, and Travis retired from his "Big Law Firm" career, as they both hunkered down to focus on their #1 priority:  raising their growing family in the spectacular southwestern corner of Utah where Travis himself was raised.  Lisa found a new home at the Tuacahn Amphitheater where she performs many beautiful roles; she also teaches voice privately, and loves to perform with their children (and Travis even joins them to sing sometimes!).  Travis taught at Dixie State University, where he also led the Executive Leadership Institute.  He now loves to offer free classes and workshops for constituents of all ages, focused on Restoring our Constitutional Liberties.  

The Seegmiller family loves to work hard and play hard, especially at their Pine Valley Mountain farm and ranch fondly named “Constitution Cabin & Freedom Farm.”  In addition to many prized Nigerian Dwarf goats and miniature horses, their farm family includes miniature and Old English Bulldogs; an aging mouser cat named "Grizabella"; and, two young & energetic black Labrador puppies affectionately named "Dixie" and "Dynamite," who are diligently learning their duties to protect the children and baby goats alike.

For more information, or if Travis can serve you or your family in any way, please call, text or write him at: 

Representative Travis M. Seegmiller, Sr.
   Cell:  435-313-6645

   Mailing address:  P.O. Box #15, Pine Valley, UT 84781

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